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BelayBlocks is a software development and consultant company specializes in online communities, e-commerce, marketplaces, and big data processing. Our team is remotely distributed in US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. We help businesses across the globe strategizing, creating and maintaining web and mobile applications. Our services includes application development, system performance audit, and legacy codebase and database refactoring/migration.


We are a small and close team of former Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo! veterans who have been working for 10+ years. Most of our team members have 15+ years of professional experience.


We are a team of specialists including full-stack software engineers, UI/UX designers, project managers, business analysts, and more. We take pride of our work and do not outsource to 3rd party agencies.


We believe in ‘teach a man to fish’ over ‘fish for a man’. We seek to understand first and then, through non-dogmatic consulting, work together with our clients to achieve customer success.

E-commerce Marketplace Platform

Soizzi is a B2B2C e-commerce platform for web2print designer clothing and accessories. On one hand it allows designers and organizations to connect with manufacturers and manage their designs and orders. It also provides a marketplace and e-commerce storefront for their online business.

Logistic Platform

DDICAR is a full-suite solution for logistic companies in China. It includes real-time tracking and management for their fleets, billing and receivable management and online transactions, and customers and drivers management systems.

FinTech Application

Dongyun provides tools and financial services targeting the self-employed professionals in China. Its services include incorporating sole proprietorship businesses, bookkeeping, invoicing and tax reporting, and AI-powered financial advices.

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